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Kunal Gupta
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IIT Indore
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CTFs with pwn/re/for @ ByteBandits, IITI

Hey there! I am Kunal Gupta, a Computer Science Undergraduate at IIT Indore. I am mainly interested in Computer Security and Software Development. Last summer, I interned at CodeNation, Bangalore where I worked to design a platform to make meetings more efficient.

As a part of ByteBandits (and previously in Pirates of the Kernel) I actively participate in CTF competitions as and when they happen. You can find me on CTF-Time with the handle assaxor to know more. I also practice and solve problems related to reversing, pwning and forensics on various online platforms.

In summer 2017, I worked towards the development of Big Data Analysis techniques for evolving big data generated by evolving systems. The whole experience helped me develop basic insights and skills to work with Big Data and Data Mining.

I have also been an active member of IIT Indore’s Programming Club since 2017 and have also founded and headed the Cybersecurity Wing under the same.

I used to play Dota quite a lot, but after quitting it I play computer games ocassionally for recreation. I have always been interested in how computer systems work and interact, thus I can mostly be found tinkering with OS and its features.