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Kunal Gupta
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Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
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Software Development Engineer

I am a software developer, currently working as a Founding Engineer at AsknBid Tech. Previously I worked at CodeNation as an SDE3 on Code Analysis.

I have always been interested in how computer systems work and interact, thus I like to tinker around with Operating Systems. I also like designing systems, so I have a keen interest in Kubernetes and have a single node cluster at my home up and running.

As a part of ByteBandits I used to participate in CTF competitions and solve problems related to reversing, pwning and forensics. My CTF-Time handle is assaxor.

I was a member of IIT Indore’s Programming Club since 2017 and founded and headed the Cyber-Security Wing under the same. During my tenure, I was also the overall coordinator and founder of Euristica, the college’s Tech Fest.

I used to play Dota, but now I mostly watch it on occasion.