Growing Up (Misc - 200 points) [SHA2017 CTF]

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This was a JuniorCTF given as the problem Growing Up in SHA2017 CTF. JuniorCTF was a good one for new people who might want to start with CTFs.

Here’s a link to the same.


1. Find The Flag

Use strings

3. Hidden Message


4. Jump Around

Requires knowing x86 Assembly Language.

Observe the jumps

4. FlipACoin

Requires knowing x86 Assembly Language, little hard on Windows. Hint : ne -> mp


1. In Your Head

HTTP Headers

2. Broken Image


2. Old School

Browser Spoofing

3. Location

Open up Network Tab in the Console and then Click on the Link. You can also try with some command line verbose cURL.

4. Ping

You are pinging via a Linux Machine. Hint: Bash


1. All about the Base64

Base64 Encoding/Decoding

1. Rotation

ROT-n or ROT-X

2. Substitute Teacher

Substitution Cipher, plaintext is in English Language along with flag at the end.

2. Exclusive or

As name suggests, XOR cipher. Key-length=1

3. Transposition

As the name tells, Transposition Cipher


Prerequisites - Wireshark

1. Download


2. Wanna Buy A Flag?

TCP Stream.

3. Weird Website

Similar to Download above.

4. Captured Mail

Similar to Download above.


Prerequisite - fcrackzip for the Zip Files

1. Zipfile One

Check Prerequisite

2. Zipfile Two

Check Prerequisite

3. Reverse

It’s not reverse! It’s swap! Contact for further hints.